[EN] How to handle sales objections in the car service

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This online course will be useful for all professionals, who communicate with customers in a car service. Depending on your organisational structure, it can be: an administrator of the order desk, a service adviser, a workshop foreman, but also the general manager sometimes has to communicate with customers.

Table of contents:

1. Introduction to Handling Objections
2. Common Misconceptions About Sales Objections
3. How to Address Sales Objections
4. Internal attitude to success
5. Personality and empathy
6. Constructive atmosphere
7. Correctness and emotions
8. Active listening
9. Recognizing Sales Objections
10. Objection 1: Price
11. Objection 2: Competitor
12. Objection 3: Authority
13. Objection 4: Trust
14. Objection 5: Complacency
15. Practice


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